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Congratulations Nicky Faulks on making the A List!


In 2012 Ray White became curious to develop a formal list of the top industry performers within the Queensland property market. It wouldn’t be the first of such lists aiming to rank high performers that had been created but the approach was different from previous attempts within the real estate industry. In the past existing lists that rank real estate agents in Australia have relied upon the self-nomination of the agent and, as a result many of the industry’s top producers were not included, simply because they did not nominate themselves. In this process we went about sourcing data available on volume of listings and number of sales from different industry data providers. It became very important to closely examine each individual, as some operate as teams or business owners who log all sales by their team as their own. We decided to create a list based on some simple and easily scrutinised criteria. Thanks to strong relationships with key data providers, access to market information (including media profile) and the resources to analyse the data, Ray White took the lead on creating a reliable top agents list.


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