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Property Management Team Reviews

“We engaged Ray White Geaney Property Group to take over the management of our property midway through 2018 after very disappointing management from our previous agent who was more concerned with supporting our tenants despite the extensive damage they had done to our property. Ella and her team promised to sort the issues and get us remuneration for the damages caused by our tenants and they backed up their promise 110%. After 10+ years of owning multiple rental properties and in that time dealing with multiple property agents/agencies I can honestly say Ella and her team perform at a whole higher level of professionalism and personal service than anyone else in the business. I can’t thank them enough for helping us when we had all but given up hope, and I could not recommend them enough. Thanks again Ella, Kelly and the rest of the team!!” – Brenden Summers

“The team at Ray White Geaney have an excellent family office spirit and will always go the extra mile to provide amazing customer service. I can say the property managers act incredibly professional and empathetic throughout and continue to put the extra effort in every day. Thanks Ray White!” – Tayla Hall

“Stacey, Thank you so much for supporting our application, delivering the great news and making the sign up so simple and smooth for us. Your assistance has been very much appreciated. Cannot wait to pick up our keys! Thank you Thank you Thank you!” – Leslie Hoy

“Hi Renee, Thank you for your massive input to remedy the toxic situation regarding the overstaying tenants living in our rental property. You have done very well indeed and congratulations for receiving a justified outcome. I have no doubt that the Magistrate pre-read the information you provided and without your efforts the decision may have slipped out of control. I know he would have seen your research and actions as fair and empathetic. This impartiality would have impressed the magistrate that all reasonable avenues had been taken to help the wayward tenants out of the hole they had dug themselves.  Connie asked you to take over our property management and I would imagine there could not have been a wiser choice. Your resilience showed despite a number of curve balls being used by the tenants in an attempt to outwit fairness. So Connie’s decision stands solid! Your knowledge of Property Management shows great wisdom and your enthusiasm while obvious was further amplified by the after hours work you did to resolve this complicated situation. Kindest regards and gratefulness” – Alana and Mandy Johnson

“In the time she has been my property manager, I have found Nikita Fentiman to be the best property manager I have had in 12 years of renting across several agencies as a landlord. She is thorough, shows attention to detail, and most importantly, goes out of her way to keep homeowners appraised and up to date on the status of their property. She shows a rare diligence in her job that gives an owner peace of mind that their needs and requirements are being well represented.” – Kane Wright

“We have got to know Hollie over the past 10 years through her role of managing our investment property and would like to advise it has been an absolute pleasure to work with her. She is a reliable honest person, pleasant to deal with and very family orientated. Her work ethic , attitude, attention to detail and quality of work has been outstanding. We have no hesitation in recommending her and her ability to take on any challenges.” – Raymond & Laura Giuffrida

“We would like to express our gratitude to Ray White and particularly our property manager Connie Mackey for the excellent service that has been provided managing our properties in Townsville. We appreciate the efficiency and professionalism along with the communication that allows us to be informed and highly recommend Ray White as rental managers.” – Allister Daish

“You hear many stories about poor property management and not many about good property management. I have found the whole process of renting my property easy and pain free with Hollie as my property asset manager. I receive regular photographic updates on the condition of the property, access to a database system which captures payments and invoice information and most importantly great service from a property asset manager that is available and always ready to help. Hollie as a property manager has guided me through rental property process, shared her knowledge and provided open and honest information. I would highly recommend Hollie if you are new to property rentals or just looking for much better service from someone who cares about your property and the service provided.” – Michelle Barrett

“Sarah Austin has proven her self to be a reliable property manger at every corner and has displayed a deep knowledge that surpasses her job expectations. When there has ever been an issue, Sarah has constantly been able to identify an efficient way to fix the problem that has kept all parties involved satisfied with the outcome. Sarah and her team at Ray White have always had an efficient and open line of communication and can explain the tough issues in a way that is clear and understandable. They always come to reasonable conclusion based on information presented. Can highly recommend!” – Tim Jensen

“Debra manages my 2 properties in Bushland Beach, just north of Townsville. I have had a lot of property managers in my 32 years of owning rental properties and I can say hands down she is the best. She is fair and respectful to the owner and the tenant,professional, helpful and personable. Nothing is too much trouble for Debra and it puts my mind at rest that the properties are in good hands as I live in another city, she is just great!” – Brenda Whyte

“Julie from Ray White has been simply outstanding, she has been looking after our rental property for a while now and does a fantastic job. Her dealings with us and attention to detail is superb. Always prompt to respond to any queries, very polite, accurate and understanding. Definite A+, glad to have someone like her looking after us.” –  Kudrat Chadha

“Absolutely deserved Renee! I was so stressed & at the end of myself with the devastation of losing everything we owned being forced out of our home, trying to find another & then another massive personal blow, I was on my last ounce of strength & you listened & cared & your kindness did not go unnoticed. Thank you!! You must have been having a busy full on week yourself & still showed a compassion & professional that was deserving of recognition. Keep being you!! Ps, you are still my most favourite real estate agent!” – Kate McCann

“Once again, thanks to you in particular Hollie, and your team for assisting us in finding tenants and dealing with the negatives and positives that come with being landlord/s; especially with my elderly parents who had to be there for the tough confrontations due to my extensive absences overseas. My parents are also very grateful to you. Our experience with you has been above and beyond what we would expect from any agency in overall monitoring and exit of the tenants in our premises. For those tenants that became a problem, I personally appreciated your friendly outreach to my parents in assisting them in dealing with the paperwork and procedures that surround the somewhat difficult legislative requirements in complying with all intricacies that are demanded of the law. My parents have now decided to resume residence in the house concerned, but for the record, and for reference to any of your clients I would unreservedly recommend them to you for your services. It was a pleasure to meet with someone that actually cares and sees the problems that landlords quietly suffer under a very biased tenancy system. If any of your clients wish for verification please provided them my email and I would be happy to vouch for you and the comments I have just made.” – Peter Keenan

“The team at Ray White West End are hands down the most professional, organized and understanding Real Estate people I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with!! My boy’s and I greatly appreciate everything you’ve done for us over these past few months!!! Bravo!!! I can’t thank you enough Nikita!!!” – Kevin Turner

“My experience of working with Julie as the agent for my rental property has been a very pleasant one. Julie has always been polite and professional and importantly, has endeavoured to be available to answer any queries I may have and if unavailable has returned my calls promptly. She has kept me informed of any issues with the property in a timely manner and I have always trusted her professional judgement when seeking new tenants. I wish to thank Julie for helping to make our communications friendly, efficient and effective and I would have no hesitation in working with Julie again.” – Janice Pryde

“We have worked with Connie for the past 10 years through various Real Estate Agents. We find her very through and most helpful, obliging and considerate with Tenants and owners. And we will continue to work with her.” – Ian Fraser

“It is with pleasure that I submit this testimonial for Sarah Austin at Ray White, Bushland Beach. Having owned rental properties and dealt with many “Rental Managers” across three rental agencies over the last 10 years, I feel I have experienced both mediocre to the very best service, this best service has been constantly delivered by Sarah and all the staff at Ray White. Whilst Sarah has managed my properties, she has shown to be one of the best property manager’s I have ever worked with. She understands the market as well as the needs of both owner (being a landlord herself) and tenant. She has found tenants for my properties and on all occasions, I have been extremely happy with the tenants and also the level of rent. Where maintenance issues arose, Sarah has sourced quality/professional tradesmen and no job has required re-work. Having lived away from my properties for the last 8 years I found I could completely relax about my properties, knowing Sarah would look after them. I would not hesitate to recommend Ray White, Bushland Beach and Sarah to anyone seeking a managing agent.” – Jase McNeill

“I believe Deb is a legend not only checking on my house that we are building for rentals with your agency in Bushland Beach during the floods recently but also the advice she has given us along the way with the build us being from Sydney it has made it so much more comforting to know that Deb will be looking out for our new house when it’s built!” – Leanne Jarrett

“Could not recommend enough! We were renting a property in Townsville through Ray White and the service received was always great.If maintenance was required it was addressed immediately, inspections were always on time and a stress free process and there were never issues with rent statements etc. At the time we had an investment property in the city which was so poorly run by another real estate company and we were at a loss with what to do as we had then moved interstate. After the great service we received as tenants with Ray White we contacted them and asked them if they would take on our property and they quickly picked up the mess left by our existing land agents. They have gone above and beyond to care for our property and our tenants, were always informed, there’s never any issues with rental statements, if maintenance is required it’s addressed promptly and inspection reports/photos are made available on the portal so we can manage our property interstate. Do not hesitate using Ray White either to rent or manage your property (we can vouch for both!) they have been fantastic for us. Huge thank you to Julie Neilsen-Thompson you have been a godsend.” – Casey Johnston

“We have been in the rental property business for a great many years and have had Mrs Hollie Roveglia as our property manager for the last 10 years. The service we have received has always been friendly and noteworthy. Hollie is reliable and dependable on the execution of her duties and we can recommend her highly in this regard. She is a trustworthy and family orientated person.” – Ross and Ellida Caruso